Ankara University Observatory is an important institution that has pioneered the development of astronomy in our country over the past 40 years. The observatory provides data for scientific research carried out at the international level. It also always keeps its doors open to sky enthusiasts in order to enlighten the society about astronomy. For this purpose, it carries out its activities under the following 2 titles in order to inform people, institutions and organizations interested in astronomy and to popularize astronomy:

1) Public days
2) Special Events
3) School days (for appointment please contact with the observatory official)


All activities are organized and conducted by professional astronomers and students of Ankara University Astronomy and Space Sciences Department. You do not need to make an appointment for Public Days and Special Events. It is enough to come to our observatory between the hours specified on the relevant day by looking at the “Events” section in the middle column of our homepage. For information about the location of our observatory, please click here.

For public day and special events,
10 TL
Students and Ankara University Administrative/Academic Staff: 5 TL
Ankara University Students : 3 TL

Click here to see the events that will take place this year.
ATTENTION: Fees are collected at the door. Appointments are not available for events.