Our Mission

To support and provide services in scientific research and applications in the fields of astronomy and space sciences, to support the training of students and lecturers in the relevant teaching programs of our university, to organize educational and informative activities for educational institutions and for the public, to conduct joint scientific research with national and international institutions and organizations, projects, trainings and other activities.

Our Vision

1) To support and develop scientific research in the field of astronomy and space sciences, to provide and establish the necessary observation and experiment tools,

2) Establishing and restructuring any facility needed or allocated to it,

3) To cooperate with the relevant faculties and units of Ankara University and other universities, to contribute to the education of undergraduate and graduate students, and to scientific and thesis studies,

4) Organizing, supporting or participating in national and international congresses, conferences, symposiums, seminars and similar scientific meetings,

5) To organize education and information activities for the education and training institutions and society in Turkey,

6) To publish reports, bulletins, journals and similar publications describing scientific, technical findings and data, to inform the public in writing and/or verbally and to express opinions, to cooperate with national and international institutions and organizations in the field of astronomy and space sciences,

7) To organize courses, summer schools and training programs, to give participation certificates to the participants,

8) To carry out research, examination and development studies at home and abroad, to participate in such studies and to support them,

9) To produce, support and/or consult science-society projects.